At the initiative of the Zlatibor District Textile Cluster and companies Trendteks, in Prijepolje was held a round table on the implementation of innovative educational model customized textile industry. The company Trendteks which is the initiator of this event, in its plants in Prijepolje and Gornji Milanovac employs 457 workers, and the need for trained workforce are daily. The meeting was attended besides the representatives of textile and directors of secondary schools Uzice region, the National Employment Service and the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of Republic of Serbia.

Dual education is a priority not only for the Ministry of Education, but the Government of Serbia, said Gabrijela Grujic, advisor for dual education in the Ministry of Education.

"The policy of the ministry's plans to enrollment in schools adapt to the needs and demands of the economy. It is very important to make a good partnership between businesses and schools because without it does not mean changes in the educational programs, additional training of teachers, or persuading students to enroll in a specific profile, "said Gabrijela Grujic. Lack of skilled labor greatly slows down the production process and reduces the possibility of contracting new works of local textile companies.

"All who come to work with us must go through our training, to be able to work according to the standards of the company. Our desire is to make them through the dual system of education and to prepare them when they finish high school, immediately offered the job and to have workers ready to work, "said CEO of Trendteks Serbia Halid Hadzijakupović.

It was highlighted that the benefits of the dual system of education in that it is a function of the economy and economic growth, with far greater ability of companies to obtain high-quality professional staff. As an example of good practice is a model of the Technical School of Uzice where this school year introduced a new educational profile - operator for making furniture.
Supporting the introduction of this educational profile gave the Swiss Development Agency in cooperation with the Regional Agency for Economic Development and Entrepreneurship - VEDA.